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Intensive Growth Serum This nutrient-dense serum helps promote hydration and elasticity, resulting in a healthier scalp and faster hair growth.
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Give your scalp a boost for healthier hair!

Root Root is specially formulated to address the root causes of your hair concerns. Our advanced formulas increase nutrients and blood flow to your follicles to promote thicker hair and faster growth.

Boosts Nutrient Flow

Promotes blood circulation to scalp and hair follicles, increasing nutrients that allow hair to regrow healthy and strong.

Revitalizes Follicles

Healthier, stronger follicles stop shedding, facilitates new hair growth.

Grow Thicker, Fuller Hair

With better nutrition and vitality, grow hair thicker, shinier and more dense!

Made with the BEST Ingredients for Hair Regrowth

Made in USA
FDA Approved
Aluminum Free
Palm Oil Free
Fast & Effective
Silicone Free
Phthalates Free
Formaldehyde Free


Root Root Customer Reviews

"Love this stuff! It smells great, it makes my scalp tingle from the peppermint extract. My scalp feels super healthy and refreshed when I use this Boosting Serum. " Sue W.

"My scalp can be dry, irritated and flaky. This serum has helped so much! My hair feels hydrated and seems to be growing so much faster." Olivia C.

"I can feel it working! It gives a slight tingling feel but it feels so good and fresh! I always look forward to using it." Sophia M.
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